Monday 16 April 2012

My GVT inspired vomiting training session

On friday the 13th i decided to put myself through a gruelling workout, it was a strange week as with a new business opening and a hospital visit i'd not been able to get to the gym and my diet had slipped. So friday came and i decided to head to Bodyflo's strength & conditioning suite (get yourself down for some quality MMA training, just dont let the owner Dan batter your head about his work time snacks while you try and workout!)

So i put a session together that would make me feel less guilty about missing nearly 2 weeks of gym time and this is what i did:

A - Powerclean in to strict press 10 x 8 at 60kg - 45 seconds rest between sets

B1 - incline dumbell press 30kg 10x10
B2 - bent over rows 60kg 10x10 - 45-60 seconds rest between sets

C1 - dumbell step up's 20kg each hand - 5 x 10
C2 - Back squats - 60kg - 5 x 20 - 60 seconds rest between sets (although by this time i was heavily gassing and probably at 75s)

D - Hanging leg raises - 4 x 25 60 seconds rest between sets

E1 - side lateral raises - 15kg
E2 - front raises - 15kg
E3 - bent over rear delt raises - 15kg

E was 2 giant sets with 12 reps for each exercise, 90 seconds rest between sets

F - walk to car, hold hands on roof of car and vomit down side of car, feel faint and sit in car wondering about the logic behind my training session apart from pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

If you want to give this a try then let me know how you get on!

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