Sunday 24 June 2012

Know your macros

Know your macros

Here’s a quick article on the key benefits of each macronutrient for your training. Many people get hung up on eliminating certain macronutrients however the reality is they have their place in everyone’s diet, the key thing is to find which ratio suits you and your body type best to assist with your training to achieve your goals.

Protein – the building blocks of muscle, protein from the diet increases protein synthesis within the body and also improves recovery from training. Also worth noting for when dieting is that protein is thermogenic meaning it causes greater fat loss. Increased muscle mass, improving performance and recovery are the key benefits of protein from the diet.

Carbohydrates – the single most affected macro when dieting, to cut or not is usually the question and as outlined this depends on the individual, no one size fits all. The role of carbohydrates is to increase muscle glycogen for energy and also spare dietary and muscle protein from being used as energy so they can be used for their main role as outlined above, after all to create a physique to be proud of you need to let protein do it’s job, carbohydrates allow this to happen optimally.

Fats – the main role of fats in the diet is at cellular level and for energy, again it is protein sparing but is also key for all the hormonal responses created through your training. EFA’S also need to be consumed, as they cannot be synthesized in the body.

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