Saturday 26 January 2013

Q&A Saturday 26th January 2013

Thought i'd give people a chance to ask some questions where i could answer in more detail than on twitter:

Russell Graham All bran any good and is all green tea the same. eg tetley green tea as good as twinings.

Answer: All bran is not bad at all but then again it wouldn't be on my list of choices for breakfast alone as cereal only is not enough to start the day. Yes all commercial green teas are basically the same, you can howeve buy loose leaf green tea which is superior as it doesn't have the stem residue like green tea bags. I personally wouldn't hunt it out though if just enjoying a few cups a day.

Daniel Bond 3 breakfasts you recommend on a ketosis diet ?

1) steak fried in coconut oil with crushed almonds and asparagus
2) chicken breast burgers with gaucamole and lettuce leaves for the burger
3) Omlette made with omega3 eggs, spinach and peppers

All because they are easy, filling and will fit in to your ketosis plan 

Lee Jones-Freeman Psnl Is grass fed beef alot different / better than non? Is it ok to have 3-4 cups of normal tea per day or will this impact your results?

Answer: Grass fed beef is superior to grain fed. Most people cite the fact it has higher omega 3 however the more accurate reason would be that the n3:n6 is much more in line with the recommended optimal ratio. Here's an enjoyable blog post with a couple of charts on

3-4 normal cups of tea will be fine, just go easy on the sugar, sweetner would be better.

Richard Schenk any suggestions for a "before bed time" meal?

Answer: This obviously depends on your goals, however i'd opt for for some form of carbohydrates which set off signals for the brain to release serotonin, eating carbs at night will not make you fat, thats simply a myth. Adding in a tryptophan high food will increase serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan high foods are eggs, seeds and some fish.

Vicky Jowett How can I get really toned?

Answer: find a huge printer and put yourself through it. On a serious note however, to attain the lean defined look often referred to as 'toned' you need at least some muscle and low body fat to display the striations and seperations between the muscles. A mix of weights and intervals along with a good healthy diet and above all consistency is what's needed.

Alex AzurTraining O'Connor Pros and cons of a low carb diet?

initial quick 'weight loss' helps improve power:weight to aid increase i fitness
simple to follow
help to curb cravings
better brain function once in ketosis
feeling of increased energy
reduced blood glucose 
improved insulin sensitivity
improved triglycerides 
weight loss 
increased HDL cholesterol which is the good one
helps lower blood pressure

hard to adapt to going in to ketosis, many people struggle and quit which leaves them deflated and not just of glycogen
poor in relation to performance for sports
the quick weight loss is predominantly water weight, this can lead to dehydration and cramps early on
lack of fibre - supplement is almost always needed such as pysillium husk
lack variety - a lot of people eat the same foods day in day out
fatigue quicker during exercise
if protein is not kept high then you could lose muscle rapidly - this can be a pro under the right circumstances though
lack of phytonutrients and antioxidants from cutting out fruit
some scientific reseacrh has shown the long term low carb dieters have increased risk for high cholesterol and heart disease, however this is more to do with the foods they do eat rather than not eating carbs.

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