Monday 8 April 2013

Total Body Development Summer Shape up competition - £500 cash prize!

As summer is fast approaching you should really start thinking about your diet and training to get in shape for the week or 2 of sunshine that we have or that sunny holiday you may have booked!

To help give you some extra motivation i'm launching the Total Body Development Summer Shape up competition and putting in £500 cash for first prize. I will also come up with some prizes for runners up too, bare with me i only came up with this idea today! I reckon i'll be able to draft in some good prizes though, maybe even bump up the cash prize pool too.

The competition will run for10 weeks and you must submit your start photo's between 22nd April and 29th April, the competition finishes on Saturday 6th July. Your end photo's must be submitted by midnight July 6th.

How to enter: Simply submit your photo to my Facebook page at Total Body Development Group

Or you can email me your photo's to

You must also include the following details in the description of the photo:
Start weight
Goals (get lean, lean bulk, add mass)
You can add in any additional info you wish such as years training or type of training you will be doing.

The winner will be decided by myself and a select few friends from your start and end photo's, we are looking for the best physical change over the 10 weeks, you dont have to be cover model ready or stick thin to win, i'll be looking for someone who gets stuck in, grinds out the results and makes a big change!

Your start and end photo must be taken from the front and we need proof of date, holding a newspaper from the day you take the photo will do. If you wish to add more photo's you can do. However rest assured i've prepped many males and females for shows, i know all of the lighting tricks so dont try and pull a fast one!

Ok so i know there will be a few people who want to enter but dont want to put their photo's up publicly, this is fine, however you must submit your start photo to me via email, i will blur/block out your face and post the photo for you, email them to

This is just a bit of fun and it's my way of encouraging people to get in shape, i will have people i trust on my page to offer out advice and tips and i'll be posting up routines and diet tips, i am not doing this to increase my page 'likes' i dont need to do that to get more work, i'm doing this as i think plenty of people will benefit from this and i'm not taking any new clients on for at least 6 months.

So to recap:

Submit start photo's between 22nd and 29th April
End photo's must be submitted by midnight 6th July
1st prize is £500 CASH
2nd prize will be £150 worth of supplements
3rd prize will be £50 worth of supplements
Everyone who finishes will receive a free t-shirt or vest
There will be other prizes along the way too.

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