Thursday 4 August 2016

Nutrition for combat sports & making weight workshop


There has never been a bigger demand for correct nutrition practices within combat sports, with more money than ever the allure of reaching the top of the sport is huge. What has subsequently been created is sports with competitors who will take any competitive edge they can get, with a key area being their nutrition and strength & conditioning. This has brought about many dangerous practices as well as many poor nutrition practices. It is fair to say that these sports are generally far behind when it comes to sports science.

All levels of combat sports require some understanding of nutrition from improving performance and recovery to making weight the correct way. However there seems to be no signs of governing bodies stepping in for the safety of competitors to educate them. Much of the advice around is old science taken from other sports which do not take in to account the importance of physical performance. There remains many bad and potentially dangerous practices within making weight protocols used even at the highest levels and there are still many boxers and MMA fighters failing drug tests for banned supplements.

Having worked directly with nearly 100 clients helping them to make weight i have developed my own nutritional methods to ensure they always make weight and do it the safest way possible. More importantly all of my clients have had their post weigh in nutrition overhauled to enable them to be better in the ring or cage come fight night, after all this is a performance based sport and not making weight competition! My clients have ranged from amateur through to world level and come from all corners of the world in many different sports. I have decided to put all that i have learned in to a workshop, one that will give you the skill set to understand your clients requirements, how to asses them and how to get them on weight but at peak performance too.

During this workshop you will learn the following:
  • Basics of nutrition and health
  • Fundamentals of combat nutrition - meal planning and macro requirements
  • Assessment tools - how to know if what you are doing is working. What data you need to be collecting
  • The psychology of making weight and what to look out for - Keep your client keen!
  • The sensible approach to making weight, how to eat for fat loss whilst improving performance 
  • Improving performance and utilising fasting, carb back loading and other specific nutrition strategies through a training cycle/camp
  • Smart Supplementation - what works, what doesn't
  • Same day weigh in and next day weigh in protocols and case studies - in depth look at how much can be lost and the effects on performance
  • The week of the fight 
  • The all important aspect of dehydration and dropping the final bit of weight
  • Post fight and setting up the next training camp
As well as these key areas we'll look at working with other coaches and the tools you'll need to ensure you get the best out of working with S&C and boxing/other technique coaches too. 

Outcomes -

You will be shown real case studies and walked through what works and why and how to effectively plan a nutrition programme for a training camp.  At the end you will be expected to understand the athletes requirements, how to meal plan, what nutritional strategies and supplements to use and when and how to ensure your client stays focussed and motivated.

Places will be limited in order to keep the group interaction high. This will be a full day workshop. For more information email

Dates will be released at the end of August.

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