Tuesday 19 July 2011

King Kol's Killer Calves Routine - For those that want to be proud to wear shorts! By David Stache

King Kol’s Killer Kalves Routine! By David Stache

Whether you are a man wearing shorts in the summer or a woman wearing a skirt and heels, good calves are noticed, yet so few people actually train them, aside from bodybuilders few sports training focuses on regular calf workouts. Whether it’s all out mass you’re wanting or some nice definition this workout will add nice lines and shape to your calves and if after mass, doing it regular enough will add size and thickness to the whole muscle.

Firstly credit where it’s due, this routine was inspired by Colin Robertson, after putting each other through a gruelling legs workout he introduced me to a quick calf training routine. After making a few tweaks I came up with a routine that many clients have had great results from. Give this a try and I promise if you stick to it for 6 weeks you will see excellent results.

toe pres on leg press - 15 reps of - 3 second negative, 1 second pause at bottom, 2 second positive, 1 second pause at the top
then jump off and straight onto a stepper, full stretch calf raises with no weight for 60 seconds as fast as you can with a full stretch powering through each rep from the bottom;
then same again but from the floor, not letting your heels rest on the floor, explosive reps. Rest for 2 minutes between sets do 3 sets.

If you’re looking to add mass and your calves are lagging do this routine 3 times a week, do not do it on legs day as they will be getting enough work through leg presses and squats (hopefully, if you’re doing them!) if you’re wanting more shape and definition then once a week will suffice.

Be prepared this will burn during and after and you will be walking funny for a day or 2 after, but the results will be worth it.

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