Wednesday 20 July 2011

5 changes you can make today to start losing weight

By David Stache
 1.     Eat breakfast – skipping breakfast makes you more prone to grabbing the nearest  & quickest thing when you get hungry later in the day which is rarely healthy and also leads to overeating. Research shows a strong correlation between obesity and skipping breakfast

2.     Eat fruit and/or vegetables with each meal – they will fill you up, add fibre to your diet as well as a host of other nutrients

3.     Prepare your meals for the next day – if you don’t you are at the mercy of grabbing what’s available when you are hungry, this is not the way to stick to a diet and very rarely is fast food healthy food

4.     Do some exercise, be that go for a walk, swim, jog, or do a bodyweight circuit routine in your front room  (bodyweight circuit to do at home) Do whatever you enjoy, but push yourself.

5.     (A) Find someone to write a diet and programme for you, be it a friend a PT or someone recommended to you – enlisting the help of someone who knows what they are doing and can offer motivational support along the way will get you quicker results and get you on the right path for you. 

(B) If you cant a person to help you put that diet together then here are a list of resources to educate yourself on diets and nutrition:


  1. They all sound like good tips. I want to see the top 5 ways to make sure your weight loss is only temporary (I've got a few ideas for that one!)

    Two alterations I'd make...

    Instead of join a gym, I'd say:
    Find exercise you enjoy doing - that could be joining a gym, it could be starting a new sport, it could be swimming, it could be martial arts. I personally HATE gyms - to be sustainable, exercise has to be doing something I love.

    Also, I think 5 probably isn't an option for most people. Could you instead suggest that people write down what they currently eat, then look at some good resources for a healthy diet (you could suggest some online ones?) and then try to make healthy adjustments? I guess if people have the money to pay lovely people like you, then great - otherwise there must be sensible diy options!

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for your comment. Not sure i follow the point on ensuring only temporary weight loss? In spirit of this post i'd think most people would want weight loss to be anything BUT temporary!

    As for point 4 - i like the suggestion, it will be amended to: Do some exercise, be that go for a walk, swim, jog, or do a bodyweight circuit routine in your front room ( Do whatever you enjoy, but push yourself.

    As for exercise being sustainable only if it's enjoyed, agreed to an extent, but this is about results for weight loss, at some point along the journey you're going to have to step out of the comfort zone and do something you may not enjoy or like if you want to get to your goal weight quicker and for that then the gym is the place to be.

    Point 5 - It doesnt have to be paid for, the sentiment behind point 5 is that committing to a weight loss programme and connecting with someone who can help and has experience instills that you have made the move and commitment from thinking to doing.

    I like the idea of suggesting some of my recommended free resources and have added them as point 5.b

    Thanks again for your comments