Friday 31 August 2012

My own transformation - The beginning

16 weeks today until i go away for a few weeks, a week in India and then on to Thailand with friends to celebrate my friend Stevo's 30th birthday.

So i need to get in shape or should i say i would like to get in shape and as i no longer play any sport i have a reason to get shredded, that being i want to look good on the beach!

Through my blog, twitter (twitter page) and Facebook page (TBD Page) i will log all my workouts and meals as well as my supplement protocol.

Current stats are:
height; 6ft 5"
weight: 111kg
bodyfat: 18%

Dieting for me is not something i enjoy but i know my body well enough and know i can drop fat very quickly with little cardio needed, just some clever diet and supplement manipulations, so rather than slog out the diet for months on end i usually diet for 3-4 weeks and get my abs out for a weeks holiday only for them to disappear within a week of coming back, this time however i'm aiming for conditioning that i can hold.

I have recently started working with the boxer Kell Brook in his preparation for his World Title eliminator fight against Hector Saldivia, as part of this i will be away from the 5th September for a 2 week training camp in Fuertuventura, which is where i will start my diet and training programme, no better place really!

Diet wise the first few weeks will be the same as what i do with all my clients and that is to slowly cut out the bad food habits and bring in the right foods at the right times, this makes the shift to a results driven and healthy diet all the more easier, it also helps boost the metabolism which will be key to dropping bodyfat.

Training will consist of a mix of strength and hypertrophy training, some steady state cv (because i want to ease myself in and i currently have a knee and hip injury which sprints will make worse) and 1-2 metabolic sessions per week along with some 1:1 pad work sessions with Ross Pettifer who is a pro MMA fighter (Ross twitter page)

Current lifts are:

Overhead Press - 90kg 5 sets of 5
Deadlift 200kg - 3 sets of 3
Pendlay Row - 110kg 5 sets of 5
Squats - 150kg for 3 - although no leg work has been done for 3 weeks due to injury
Dumbell incline bench press 55kg for 4 sets of 4

Conditioning/fitness wise - i am ridiculously unfit at the moment, i'll chart my progression as i go.

Supplements i will be using:

Vitamin D - 10,000iu per day
Zinc - 30mg per day
Magnesium - 800mg per day
Super once a day multivit from quest - 1 a day
Super Strength omega 3 - equivalent to 5g EPA per day
Whey Protein (Kinetica Banoffe, Reflex Chocolate and Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road)
Kinetica Oat Gain - for when i want a simple MRP or breakfast

I will use other supplements as and when needed during my diet but these will all remain as the staples, i will write a blog explaining why these are my staples of choice at a later date.

My goals are to add muscle and drop bodyfat, the holy grail, something you cant do at the same time apparently...

Diet so far today (31st August) has been Asda Rocky Road cereal, i finished the pack so i'm not tempted tomorrow, think that was about 800kclas worth and then i had a sausage and egg sandwich with brown sauce...... oh well as the saying goes "diet starts monday"

I will add my start pictures after the weekend, something i'm not looking forward to doing!

Here's one i took the other day

No 6 pack to see here, yet!

Any questions then feel free to ask them on my FB page or on twitter

Twitter page

Facebook page

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