Friday 3 August 2012

Pre workout review for MJG Supplements – Grenade 50 calibre

Pre workout review for MJG Supplements – Grenade 50 calibre

I called in to see Matt from MJG supplements for a chat, talk business and basically wish each other well, we had a good chat and I saw the grenade pre workout on display, Matt kindly offered me a free sample in exchange for a review, so here it is.

I’m a Jack3d junkie, have been for a while but like to try different pre workout supplements every now and then and this one looks promising.

Now you’ve probably heard of grenade fat burners, they stand out not because of their ingredient list (much the same as most fat burners) but because they come in a grenade shaped container, clever marketing really. As a product thought its good and gets a lot of positive reviews, so when I saw that they had brought a pre workout formula out I was really looking forward to trying it.

It’s called 50 calibre and comes in plastic army type looking box, however I only had a sample and it was enough!

I usually ignore the creatine, beta alanine, bcaa, citrulaine malate, arginine and all the other aspects that usually make up a ‘propriety blend’ as the amounts are usually so insignificant that its just in there so they can make the product look better, real world results would require much more than Is added to the pre workout supplements (eg 1.5g creatine, pointless).

Unlike most hardcore pre workouts this one doesn’t include DMAA, I thought it may not give me the focus and energy such as products like jack3d, how wrong was i?!

Firstly the positives – increased energy (although not as good as jack3d) and the pump was ridiculous, I’d literally only have to look at a weight and the veins on my arms were pumped, I got great focus too, not once did I think about quitting on a set, it really helped me to push on through a pretty hard training session which included a lot of multi joint power work. I also felt like I could train for longer and even though the session was intense I never once felt I got close to failure, even though I was training at near maximal weights for the rep range.

Negatives – the worst was the sweating, I’ll refrain from putting in some crass ‘sweating like a…’ comment in but seriously I would like to know how much I’d sweat during my training session. I was dripping wet through from it. As well as this I got an edginess, sort of irritability which wasn’t nice and not very productive. The after affect or come down wasn’t too bad either, there definitely was one but in comparison the say 3 scoops of jack3d this was pretty tame. As well as this it did have a big effect on my appetite

Overall this will definitely work as a pre workout boost and if you’re a regular user of such products then definitely give this a try, the fact it doesn’t contain DMAA but still gives the energy and focus makes this a very good product in my opinion. I prefer a few others that don’t give me the terrible sweating and don’t include the same products as fat burners which knocked my appetite, however if you’re looking to drop weight then adding this will give you that extra benefit.

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