Monday 25 November 2013

2 week accelerated fat loss programme

Having worked with many people to help them lose weight, at times i have been required to produce programmes which drop weight very quickly for competitions, fights or even modelling shoots.

This has enabled me to perfect a weight loss method which focusses on getting results fast.

With any weight loss programme there is sacrifice, you cannot eat big macs daily and expect to lose weight. This programme however is extreme and that is why it is to only be used for a couple of weeks, after which point you will resort back to a healthy balanced diet.

The diet resembles that which i use for clients who have to make weight or get ready for a photo shoot. It focusses on high nutrient, workout recovery methods which enable you to train hard and recover for the next training session.

Your diet will be specific to you and written based on your routine, weight and body composition. It will be hard work and is not for the faint hearted, BUT it's only 2 weeks. You can use to look good at an event, squeeze in to a dress or to kick start your new diet.

You will also be provided with a full 2 week training programme free of charge to go along with the diet.

As well as this you will get full support from me, with emails every day. You'll also report in to me updating me on your progress each day.

There limited places available (only 20) and the cost is £99. Every time i have ran this programme it gets snapped up very quickly.

To sign up for this programme simply email me

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