Monday 16 December 2013

12 month online coaching and mentor programme - 2014

If 2013 showed me anything, it's that i simply do not have the time to do all the work i'd like to do. Total Body Development has over the years been held back simply by how much time i can commit and how much other work i have on. Launching S1 Supplements and then Nourish have meant that the amount of client time and work i can do had to be limited. 

My intention has always been to expand, pass on my knowledge and experience and build a team of people i trust to carry through the message of what Total Body Development is. Big ideas right?!

My greatest success with clients has always come through spending more time with them, as you would expect, however i have always noticed my best clients are one's that want to learn the why's of what we are doing, to understand the nutrition and training principles and learn why their body reacts certain ways.

My track record is proven and my list of previous clients is vast, now i want to grow with the right team around me and i want to build a core of people who i can trust to work with my clients and represent Total Body Development. My client list speaks for itself, world champions in 4 different sports, consultancy work with some of the UK's top businesses, numerous cover models as well as many average joe and jane's turned in to anything but average!

This is why in 2014 i am launching my own mentorship and coaching programme with the sole intention of growing a team who can go on to represent Total Body Development.

The programme will include the following:

  • Full Human Nutrition education programme with monthly modules to complete
  • Full advanced nutrition programme with assessment
  • Sports and Performance Nutrition education programme
  • Exposure to all the clients i work with
  • Monthly group meeting in Sheffield or via Skype 
  • Access to my private online coaching programme
  • Quarterly seminars with leading coaches 
  • Full coaching for your own goals by me and my team
  • Full guidance through the ISSN CISSN programme
  • Weekly/fortnightly phone calls with myself to ensure you are working towards your goals
So as well as learning from me through a structured programme you will also be coached to develop for your own training goals. By the end of the course those successful and driven will be chosen to become part of team Total Body Development and carry the flag for what Total Body Development is all about. Work hard enough and show enough mettle and you'll be working WITH me and have access to all my past work and future clients.

Your success will be down to you, i can only supply the tools, it is up to you to use them and get the best out the course and my time. Those that apply themselves will improve their skill set, increase their knowledge and above all else increase their income.

This programme is aimed at those wanting push on to the next level with their learning and career development. ideally you will already be level 2 and 3 qualified and be practising as a personal trainer or at least have the intention to be level 3 qualified very quickly. If you are not currently studying or qualified then i will provide you with details and contacts for these qualifications at a discounted price. If you are wanting a full lifestyle change and the prospect of learning why's of what you need to do then this programme is for you.

The cost of the course is 11 monthly payments of £150 with an initial payment of £250 up front. The course starts in February 2014 and i will be taking a limited number of people on. 

The closest thing i have to this has been my work with Lee Freeman who has transformed his physique under my guidance and now has plans to use the knowledge he has learned under me to also help others achieve their goals. Through my mentorship he has been able to understand his body and the training and nutrition principles needed to live a better, healthier life. In 2014 Lee will undertake his ISSN accreditation as well as competing in fitness and physique competitions, when he came to me in January 2013 for advice on training again after major surgery on his neck he wasn't able to lift any weights at the time. His squat in March was 12kg dumbell for goblet squats, now he comfortably squats well over 100kg for sets of 12 and has a physique many people could only wish for. He is the perfect example of what happens when you mix determination with top level knowledge and experience. 

If this course interests you then feel free to email me so we can discuss this further, then click the link to email me TBD email

I look forward to hearing from you!


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