Friday 6 June 2014

Metabolism, wild claims and more misunderstandings from the Nutrition world

A really hot topic for a while within the health and fitness industry has been metabolism; damage, improving it or just repairing it. i have spent a lot of time researching this from reading dated research to discussing it with the lead researchers in the field. Now all of a sudden there's fitness professionals popping up saying they can repair your metabolism and making claims of losing weight on very high calorie diets. The simple fact is to lose weight you need to burn more than you consume and your metabolism is never far off what most of the scientific formula's predict anyway, maybe up to 6% maximum, only more in very very few and strange cases in my experience, it will always return to very close normal range too in the majority of people. If you want to eat loads and still lose weight then you need to train very hard and for long periods of time, to burn the calories off. The people who can do this are professional athletes. Using fitness competitors to prove metabolic damage or recovery is flawed too, getting that lean is unhealthy in the first place and requires a period of almost starvation in the week leading up to comps. Of course there will be a rebound, from eating barely anything and dehydrating. Don't buy in to the scaremongering, there's still no secret metabolic repair team out there. It's still about calories and quality of food.

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