Thursday 10 November 2016

Nutriton for MMA, Boxing & Combat Sports Workshop - 27th November!


Sheffield - Sunday 27th November
Cost - £149 - includes full day's workshop, testing and all meals on the day
Limited places on each day

UPDATE - Over 50% of places have been sold already as of 12th October 2016.

With the sport of MMA growing in the UK at such a rapid rate there has never been a better time to be involved with the sport, which is one of the key reasons i have recently began working with MMA fighters again. With more money than ever coming in to the sport and a real possibility of hitting the highs of the UFC and the subsequent money and fame which comes with it, fighters are looking for the competitive edge in order to advance as quickly as possible.

Nutrition plays a huge role in developing athletes in all sports, however nutrition is now often considered to only be factor for making weight, with little emphasis put upon actually improving performance markers. When combined with scientifically backed evidence, it can deliver results to improve all aspects of performance, as well making the weight cut easier.

As well as offering a full consultancy service i have put together a full day workshop for both coaches and fighters with the ultimate aim being for those that attend to leave understanding more about setting up their nutrition plan and implementing key strategies to improve performance across all Boxing, MMA and Combat sports disciplines.

The full day workshop includes the following:

  • Fundamentals of combat nutrition - meal planning and macro requirements
  • Assessment tools - how to know if what you are doing is working. What data you need to be collecting
  • The psychology of making weight and what to look out for
  • The sensible approach to making weight, how to eat for fat loss whilst improving performance
  • Improving performance and utilising different nutrition strategies throughout a training cycle/camp
  • Smart Supplementation - what works, what doesn't - how to use what does
  • Same day weigh in and next day weigh in protocols and case studies - a look at how much can be lost and the effects on performance
  • The week of the fight - depletion in to dehydration and through to rehydration - and why so many get it wrong

    In addition to this you will undergo a series of testing for body fat levels and a dietary assessment.

    Spaces will be very limited due to the fact the day will include a lot of base testing, questions and feedback relevant to those who attend and to be able to give you a plan to take away with you, but also the practical elements too.

    The cost of the day will include all meals, some supplements to get you through the day and make sure you're recovered and able to train the next day if needs be as well as a take home bag including sample plans and guidelines for putting your own plans together. You will also get the chance to join our private online coaching group at a discounted rate. Total cost will be £149 per person for the full day.

    Limited places means we will assess all of those who contact us to attend, i will be looking to take this workshop across the UK, but i also want to help those who it will make the biggest difference with, this is not a first come first served, but a process whereby those who will benefit the most will be picked to attend.

    The workshop will be held on Sunday November the 27th in Sheffield.

    To book one of the limited places please email me

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