Saturday 30 June 2018

Calculating your protein needs

As with all macronutrients, the amount you need will depend on your goal, but here i'm going to give you a very brief and simple way of calculating your protein needs for a weight loss diet, along with a list protein sources to include in your diet.

After overall calories have been calculated to create the deficit needed, the next step is to calculate your protein requirements as it plays a key role in maintaining your muscles as well as ensuring your body can recover from the intense workouts too.

Finding the right amount for you is going to depend on many variables, such as workout intensity, weight and even stress levels can be a factor to consider. 

However, this is for those of you who are taking part in the Digital Bootcamp who are looking to lose weight and tone up. My recommendations would be based on two factors, how intense/often you are working out and how much weight you are looking to lose. The research shows that a range between 1.4g-2g per kilogram of bodyweight is not only safe, but it may also improve the results you get from exercise. 

If you are new to exercising and changing your diet to lose weight, then aim for the higher amounts. Your training will not be intense enough to require higher carbohydrates from your diet, but your body will benefit from the additional protein. Those who exercise at maximum intensity each day and have been training for a while could drop down to the lower daily amount of 1.4g per kilogram of bodyweight. Regular exercisers have improved insulin resistance and can utilise carbohydrates better too, they will also usually burn more glycogen (how carbs are stored in the body) due to being able to train at a higher intensity and for longer too. 

So for the lower limit of protein requirements your calculation would be:

* Your weight in kg x 1.4 

For the higher end of the limit the calculation would be:

* Your weight in kg x 2 

This would give you the grams of protein per day that you should aim for. 

Some good sources of protein to include in your diet are:

Chicken (skin & bones removed) breast 
Lean Red Meat
Cottage Cheese
Turkey (skinless)
Whey Protein shakes
Soya Milk
Egg Whites
Bacon back

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