Monday 16 December 2013

2014 programmes and course

I am often asked how much i charge. For me this is a hard question to answer as i always prefer to tailor my programmes to the individual, which means the time spent working with each client is always different.

However, there is an obvious need for potential clients to see what kind of services i offer. Below i have highlighted the work i prefer to take on and the cost of such programmes.

4 week fat loss and lifestyle programme - £149
This 4 week programme involves a detox period followed by my 2 week accelerated fat loss programme and finishes with a 1 week transitional diet to lead you on to a healthier eating lifestyle out of your diet. This is a great way to kick start any healthy lifestyle change or diet. This course is offered all year round. More details can be found here: 4 week fat loss and healthy lifestyle programme

2 week accelerated fat loss programme - £99 
For more details see here:
This programme is not for the faint hearted, the drop out rate is 35%, however, should you stick it out you'll rapidly lose weight, gain control of your appetite and cravings. This programme is ran twice a year, early june is limited to 25 people and late November is limited to 20 people. More details here: 2 week accelerated fat loss programme

12 month online coaching and mentor programme 
Each year i take on a few clients who i work with solely online, coaching throughout the year. This programme includes full training, nutritional and supplement support. Weekly updates via Skype, phone and email are included. The programme is aimed at those who want a full lifestyle change but without the 1-2-1 training element. It is most suited to those who want to make real progression with my my full support. Please see here for more details: 12 month online coaching and mentor programme

Monthly online coaching programme - £150 per month (minimum 3 months)
Similar to my online coaching and mentor programme but without the education and mentorship aspect. I work with you very closely to achieve results through non-fad like nutrition and training. You'll be accountable to me weekly and report in regularly on your progress. This is intense but it yields results time and time again. By the end not only will you have achieved the results you want but you'll understand your body better and have the tools to keep improving.

1-2-1 training and nutrition coaching - £400 per month
This is my most extensive programme for which i work with only 3-4 clients at any one time. I will personally train you 2-3 times a week, write all of your nutrition and supplement plans and supply all training programmes too. If you have seen my transformation programmes you will know what can be achieved with me as your coach.

Group nutritionist - price to be discussed
As part of my current work with various professional sports teams i also work with groups. This can range from family nutritional programmes through to sports teams. For more information contact me directly.

Corporate Health & Well being programme - price dependant on company and project size
Having delivered health and wellbeing programmes throughout the UK to many different multi national and local companies i have devised my own Total Body Development corporate health programme. This includes staff nutritional seminars on health in the work place, as well as managing stress and productivity using nutrition. Each programme is devised specifically for the company in question, no one size fits all.

Elite athlete nutritional programme - 12 week programme - price available on request
This programme is for elite athletes only and is my most extensive programme. I will work with your coaches to plan your nutritional programme, assess your performance, meet with coaches weekly to set performance targets. This programme is for those under extreme pressure, at the top of their game where every 0.01% counts.

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