Thursday 26 December 2013

4 week online fat loss programme

Going on what is commonly accepted as a diet is a hugely flawed concept, largely because it involves extreme restriction from your normal or current routine. Examples of unsuccessful dieting can be seen throughout modern day society, bodybuilders being one extreme who diet for months only to 'rebound' after a show through to the club 18-30 crowd who diet for their summer holiday only to undo all the hard work and revert back to pre holiday appearance upon return to blighty.

Henry Ford famously said "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" wise words and i like to think this applies to nutrition, and health too. If you always eat junk and don't exercise you'll always be unhealthy, similarly, if you always crash diet and revert back to inconsistent eating then you will never look or feel great all year round.

To look good is only one piece of the puzzle. As humans our aim should be to have more energy, sleep better and feel healthy on the inside as well as look it on the outside. Back to Henry Ford, if you do not like what you see in the mirror, struggle with energy or sleep and find exercise a struggle then what you are doing is not working for you and you need to change it.

A quick fix diet will not result in long term success, this is because it is so far removed from what we currently do that we will ultimately give in and revert back to our comfort way of living, away from the intense hard graft.

This is why my 4 week fat loss and healthy lifestyle transition programme is set up to not only blast fat in stages but also change your current habits to one's that are both achievable and results producing. Results are no good if they only last a few weeks of the year, if anything the yo-yo dieting can be detrimental to you, not just physically but psychologically too as it will manifest a feeling of failure, which in turn makes each effort harder.

My 2 week accelerated fat loss programme has now become very successful and popular, the results for some are lasting but it's very much geared towards looking good for a short period of time, this is why i developed the protocol to include a further 2 weeks which can be tailored to ease in to the diet and then at the back end set up good dietary habits which can be taken forward to push on with a healthier lifestyle.

The diet you receive will be tailored to you and worked around your schedule, as with all new healthy lifestyle programmes there is sacrifice and you will have to be mentally strong at times, nobody ever looked or felt great from eating junk, the 2 weeks fat loss phases are tough but rewarding and all my previous experience and expertise has gone in to refining this part of the programme.

As with all my programmes and due to my other work there are limited spaces available and i will be selective as to who i choose to work with on this programme, i am after all in the results business and failure is not an option!

The cost is £149 and from payment being received you will be given your full programme via email within 7 working days.

You will receive full support from me throughout the programme and report to me daily on your progress.

If you are wanting to shift some post christmas weight gain and push on to a healthier lifestyle, which you can stick to then this programme will suit you. However it is very much in your hands, i only supply the programme and it is up to you to implement, if you feel you may need more support then please check out my online or 1-2-1 programmes.

To register your interest on this programme then please email me by clicking the link Email address

I look forward to hearing from you


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