Sunday 13 July 2014

Introduction to Sports Nutrition workshop - Saturday 6th September

This one full day workshop will introduce you to the science of sports nutrition used in order to promote exercise and sports performance. You will learn how to use diet and nutritional strategies to optimise performance and look at ways to enhance your/clients sporting goals.

Having studied Sports Nutrition at degree level I have worked with many different athletes of varying levels and capabilities, using sound scientific research I have always delivered for my clients. From working with professional boxers needing to drop weight fast through to professional footballers coming back from injury. What I have learned over the last decade since I started studying nutrition is that the level of misunderstanding across the board around key sports nutrition strategies is huge, with physios, S&C coaches, and sports coaches in general being influenced by their own surroundings. This has led to many conflicting practices, with the athlete being the one losing out.

This one day workshop will give you the tools to assess athletes and make recommendations where you see fit. I have brought together all of my experience of achieving results and my own learning and research techniques to put together a course which not only gives you a great underpinning knowledge or sports nutrition but also acts as a spring board to constantly improve your knowledge. Had this course been available to me when I started out on my journey of studying nutrition my learning experience would have been much quicker.

My aim is to empower you with real world, usable skills and knowledge that you can instantly implement in to your own diet or that of your clients. An understanding of the basic principles of nutrition is required, however this is not a barrier to entry, you will be supplied with your own reading list for before the event.

The one day workshop will include, presentations, discussions, case studies and post course reading with 1-2-1 feedback.

The workshop will take place over a full day (9am-6pm) and all food will be included, this will be held at Nourish in Sheffield.

The workshop programme has been constructed and reviewed by leading nutritionists and dietitians. By the end you'll be confident to understand sports nutrition's key principles and how to apply them.

The course content includes:

  • Basic Nutrition - The importance of being healthy first
  • Hydration - 
    • Factors influencing fluid needs
    • Calculating fluid needs
    • Achieving optimal hydration

  • Macronutrients - 
    • Carbohydrates 
      • Debunking CHO myths
      • Why CHO is important in sports nutrition
      • Requirements for different settings/disciplines
      • Carb loading, depletion, cycling and timing 
    • Protein 
      • Understanding the role of protein in the diet
      • Sport specific requirements
      • protein turnover
      • optimising recovery and timing
    • Fat 
      • Understanding the types
      • The role of fat in athletes diet and health
      • High fat diets - recent research
    • Nutrient timing and the importance in sport
  • Assessing the needs of an athlete
    • Looking at the methods used to assess the needs of an athlete
      • What data is required
      • Physiological assessment 
      • Interview and questionnaire protocols 
  • Nutritional strategies - what, when and how to use them (Myth debunking)
    • Competition prep and optimising recovery
  • Supplements - what, when and how to use them
  • Meal planning - case studies and discussions, putting it in to practice 

Once completed you'll know how to get better results with yourself or clients, apply and implement the scientific knowledge you've gained in to real world settings instantly, improve your professional development skill set and set yourself up to understand the growing field of sports nutrition and it's importance.

This workshop is aimed at:
Sports coaches
Any therapist who works with clients who exercise - from casual gym users to elite athletes

This will be an intense day of learning, with breaks for food. You will be expected and encouraged to discuss your own views and beliefs around nutrition. There will be limited places available in order to keep the interaction levels of high quality. Questions will be encouraged.

You will also be given a list of recommended reading as well as a blog, social media and journals list to keep your knowledge updated. Please note the workshop will be recorded, if you wish to not be in the recording then please state so at the time of booking. 

Saturday 6th September (early bird book by 9th August)
Future dates TBC

Early Bird booking (4 weeks before date) is £80 (£10 donated to Archer Project Sheffield)
Standard booking £100 (£10 donated to Archer Project Sheffield)

Webinar booking
This option will be available later in the year. Once you have attended one of the workshop dates you will be given access to one of the following dates streamed webinar 

To book your place simply email me

50% non-refundable deposit will be require upon booking with the remainder to paid on the day.

If you have an interest in sports nutrition and want to accelerate your learning and your clients results, then this course is for you. Do not wait to book on until the last minute, strictly limited numbers.

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