Thursday 31 July 2014

Some general musings on the likes of Herbalife/juice+/body wraps etc

Whenever you see the opening line "i'm often asked..." the writer is probably fabricating that bit and just using it to flex their knowledge or simply push their services. Now this is no different for me right now, so "i'm often asked...." about herbalife, juice+, raspberry ketones, body wraps etc and whatever other fad type diet is out there at the time, my response is to send them a few links to read from other people i respect, whats the point in me typing out what's already been said so many times.

I have refrained from commenting publicly and writing an article on these for a good few years now, despite being asked by magazines or online publications, so many people, some who are just regurgitating what they read without understanding, have an opinion on these types of companies and love to shout about it, love to be seen as being against these companies, like it's some sort of credibility badge. Deal with these people the same as you deal with reps, push them on their reasons, their knowledge and understanding, it is up to you to gather all of the information and make an informed choice. Chances are a high % won't actually understand and most will just say "Errr pyramid selling" but is that worse than 'regurgitated information shouting' not in my eyes. The person who needs to understand, who finds themselves in a situation where they are considering these products, probably through desperation or insecure feeling is actually no better off.

So what about my sell? Well consider this. Herbalife and the such cost you around £100 per month. Envisage paying that for the rest of your life, well you wouldnt would you? So you're already subconsciously stating you're looking for a quick fix and in agreement that it's not a long term solution to your current situation. Let's go one step further, what after that quick fix? Do you know anymore, understand any better about your body or food, do you think you'll have made progress in any way other than losing some weight? No you probably wont and you won't have advanced your knowledge that you could pass on to your family and friends either. You'll understand that one aspect, be it a shake, juices, detox or wraps. But you can't and won't enjoy living like that for the rest of your life. Plus your partner, kids and family won't benefit from it (unless you become another rep and push it hard on them. Seriously don't do that).

"So i get asked a lot..." do i do nutrition and training plans and what do they entail. The amount of people on my friends list i get messages from, sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 times over a number of years, all people i know i can help hear my prices see my explanation of it not being a quick fix but a lifestyle change and then just don't even say thanks or reply, well i've lost count. Do you think i don't check their progress every time they message me again?! I always do and zero improvement has been made. Sometimes these are the same people who will post up asking their friends about herbalife/juice+ etc, you can almost read the desperation.

So they're happy to pay £100 a month for a fad, something that has loads of negatives written about it, but when i quote £150 a month for full nutritional coaching which will change the way you eat, arm you with recipes to suit any situation, change the way you look at food, won't sell you shakes, juices or supplements, will positively impact your families nutrition, give you an education you can pass on and definitely won't wrap you in cling film. I have a proven track record with an academic background and can get the results you want. I'm also pretty well respected by my peers. People still compare me to the fad diets?!

Now i'm not the only one who can do that for you, there are plenty of other highly qualified people out there who can coach and help you make the changes you want or need to in your life. It really is just about finding the right person for you to work with.

So when you need to sort your nutrition out ask yourself whether you need to go and see someone who knows about all aspects of nutrition including shakes, juices, detoxing, low carb, performance nutrition, paleo, gluten free, atkins etc or do you go to someone who understands and is 'selling' just one option.

The reason not to use one size fits all, fad options is because by the end of it you'll actually be no better off and the money invested helps only you for the time using it.

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